Winter often comes unexpected, covering roofs, streets or parking lots with a layer of snow and making them inaccessible to people.

We work really hard to provide services of the highest quality in order to meet your expectations. We have all the required licenses to provide quick and high-standard service.

Remember! In accordance with Polish law, house owners and real estate administrators are responsible for clearing rooftops of snow. You should not perform any work at heights on your own. It is too dangerous for someone without experience and proper equipment. Moreover, removing snow from a rooftop by an incompetent person may result in the roof surface damage which could lead to high repair costs.

It is also unreasonable to leave the snow on the roof to melt down. The longer wet snow covers the roof, the heavier volume weight of snow becomes. This, in turn, may cause a roof structure overload or uncontrolled snow/ice avalanche. Do not underestimate these hazards!

Remember about the safety of pedestrians in winter - do not risk! Contact us!

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